How to see life in 3D…

Ever looked at a picture taken during the 80s and if you’re lucky 70s or 60s maybe less, all black and white, and thought that people back then used to only see in black and white, they were all colour blind?

Most of us go through life with that perception of things  in our lives. Almost 99% of the time we dont see things for what they are but what we have been presented with. Growing up i never thought the world was like this, as it is now in terms of colours, i used to think everything was just black and white just like in the photos. Might sound strange but i grew up looking at pictures of my parents, grandparents, and many other old pictures taken during the 70s and thought ‘wow these people didn’t enjoy life.’ I mean, Imagine living in a world where everything was just black and white, houses, cars, fridges etc…and no blue, green, orange, and all the other flamboyant bright colours we are exposed to in todays  pictures.

Well, that’s what i thought the world was like back in the 70s and earlier. In simple english, What happened to me was; I saw evidence  (pictures taken in the past), fomed a belief (everything was black and white) and was ruled by that belief only to find out that its all a lie. Yes, the houses, cars, and everything else was different compared to today. But colour! I mean seriously, colour! For some reason am mad at myself for thinking like that for a very long time. Now that i think about it its like i was basically saying my grandparents, parents, and everyone else literally had different eyeballs to mine and yours, or rather whatever it is thats inside of us and the people from back then that makes people in general see blue for blue and red for red was not one and the same parts. stupid right?

With that said, the aim of this journal was basically for me to try and figure out what else i had, have been ignorant about. If i was so off tangent or rather ignorant about something so simple and unrealistic who knows what other beliefs i have, had formed from my past that has shaped my thinking in a way that’s not beneficial for either me nor the people around me.

What beliefs have you formed that are certainly not realistic but because its a belief you are afraid to question it?

Lets start with the religion, question it – for a very long time i thought i would go to hell if i did question my religious beliefs. Truth is, i dont even know if there is even a hell, thats what i thought would happen if i questioned my religious beliefs, i would go to hell for asking questions. I was raised to believe that if i dont live accordingly as status quo “xyz”, hell was the the destination my destiny was headed towards by people who themselves who never died and came back to life to confirm that hell really does exist.

I urge all people to start today, now, to question, you dont want to be like the old me going around thinking that people from the 70s were colour blind now would you?




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